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A.A.B.A. Curriculum

Program Outline (96 Credits)

General Education Courses (48 Credits)

Students in A.A.B.A. program must choose a least one course in each category of general education: communications, humanities and fine arts, behavior and social sciences and science and mathematics. See the general education information for details.

Business Administration Courses(48 Credits)

BA 201 Principles of Administration 4
BA 202 Principles of Economics 4
BA 203 Introduction to e-Commerce 4
BA 204 Introduction to Internet Marketing 4
BA 211 Principles of Accounting I 4
BA 212 International Business Management 4
BA 221 Business Statistics 4
BA 231 Business Communications 4
BA 271 Business Law & Ethics 4
BA 281 Management Information Systems 4
BA 291 Human Resources Administration 4
BA 292 Monetary Theory 4

Elective Courses (12 Credits)

Choose 3 courses in other major courses. Please see the course list of Biblical Studies for more information