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A.A.B.S Curriculum

Program Outline (96 Credits)

General Education Courses (36Credits)

Students in A.A.B.S. program must choose a least one course in each category of general education: communications, humanities and fine arts, behavior and social sciences and science and mathematics. See the general education information for details.

Major Courses (48 Credits)

NT 101 Introduction to the New Testament 4
NT 102 New Testament History 4
NT 104 Synoptic Gospel 4
NT 105 Pauline Epistles I 4
NT 201 Pauline Epistles II 4
OT 101 Introduction to the Old Testament 4
OT 115 Introduction to the O.T. Prophets 4
OT 202 Old Testament History 4
OT 205 Pentateuch 4
OT 215 Minor Prophets 4
TH 201 Systematic Theology I 4
TH 202 Systematic Theology II 4

Elective Courses (12Credits)

Choose 3 courses from other major courses. Please see the course list of Business Administration for more information.