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B.A.B.A. Curriculum

Program Outline (180 Credits)

General Education Courses (68 Credits)

Students in B.A.B.A. program must choose a least one course in each category of general education: communications, humanities and fine arts, behavior and social sciences and science and mathematics. See the general education information for details.

Business Administration Courses(80 Credits)

BA 201Principles of Administration4
BA 202Principles of Economics4
BA 203Introduction to e-Commerce4
BA 204Introduction to Internet Marketing4
BA 211Principles of Accounting I4
BA 212International Business Management4
BA 221Business Statistics4
BA 231Business Communications4
BA 271Business Law & Ethics4
BA 281Management Information Systems4
BA 291Human Resources Administration4
BA 292Monetary Theory4
BA 311Principles of Accounting II4
BA 331Financial Management4
BA 341Labor Relations4
BA 342Organizational Administration4
BA 351Marketing Administration4
BA 361Management Science4
BA 362Production & Operations Management4
BA 371Strategic Management4


Elective Courses (32 Credits)


BA 410Cost Accounting4
BA 411Intermediate Accounting (Accounting III)4
BA 203Introduction to e-Commerce4
BA 420Real Estate Transaction4
BA 421Real Estate Law4
BA 430Taxation4
BA 440Commercial Paper4
BA 450Corporation4
BA 460Negotiation4