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Undergraduate Program Admissions

Undergraduate Program Admissions

Ivy Christian College’s academic programs and facilities are open to students who meet the standard requirements for admission. ICC does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of educational policies, admission policies, scholarships, or any other programs and activities.

It is recommended that applicants apply early

How to Apply and Admissions Requirements

In order to apply for our program, go to our website, www.ivy.edu, and click “Online Application.” Then a link to the online application will be sent to the applicant. The required documents and the application steps are as following:

1. Complete the Online Application Form, including credit card payment (Visa, Master, Diner’s Club, or Discover) for non-refundable application fee, $100.

2. Submit a photocopy of the front page of a valid passport (with the picture, the name and the birth date) or ID card online.

3. Mail a copy of a high school transcript or college transcript or sign a self-attestation.

4. 4. Mail proof of English language proficiency: If English is not your first language, you are required to submit official scores from an English proficiency examination, regardless of citizenship.
I. English language competency requirement may be fulfilled through any one of the following options:
A. English Language Competency (TOEFL): TOEFL Score of at least 61 iBT or a level 6 IELTS exam score
B. Satisfactory completion of at least two academic years (60 semester credits/90 quarter credits) of education at the baccalaureate level from an institution accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education
C. Achieve B2level in Oxford English Test or a minimum completion of
“Expanding” Level in ICC ESL Program.

5. Complete all spiritual requirements.

Spiritual Requirements for Biblical Studies

The spiritual requirements for Biblical Studies prepares its students for a spiritual ministry. Each applicant for admission is required to sign Code of Conduct.

Notification of Acceptance for Admissions

Notification of Acceptance for Admissions When the applicant is accepted for admissions and given final approval by the Academic Dean of Biblical Studies, the candidate is sent an acceptance package, which includes:
1. Acceptance letter
2. Summary of transfer credit (if applicable)
3. Enrollment Agreement
4. Code of Conduct
5. Any additional admissions forms
Applicants must sign #3 and #4 and return them to the Office. Applicants will be provided with a copy of the signed Enrollment Agreement, and Code of Conduct. The original copies will be kept in the Registrar’s office.

Transfer Students

Transfer credit may be awarded by ICC for equivalent coursework completed at a regionally or nationally accredited institutions recognized by the Department of Education. Credits will be evaluated from other institutions only upon receipt of official transcripts and publications that contain course description and in accordance to the following standards:
Credit will be given for courses completed in other accredited institutions when such courses are comparable to those offered in this institution. The following also apply:
1. Transfer credit requests must be submitted upon program application.
2. Equivalency will be determined through examination of published course descriptions and / or syllabi and is at the discretion of ICC’s Director of Biblical Studies. These documents cannot be returned to the applicant or forwarded to another institution or agency.
3. A minimum grade of ―Pass or ―C (2.0) is required for transfer.
4. Credit must have been earned within the last ten (10) years unless the applicant provides acceptable evidence of continuous activity within the last two years in the specific field for which transfer credit is requested. At the discretion of the Academic Dean, a student, under these circumstances may take a challenge exam which may award credit for the corresponding course if a score of 70% is achieved on the exam.
5. Transfer credit is granted only when the total hours for any given course have been documented.
6. Course work taken at another institution after admission to ICC is not transferable unless approved in advance in writing by the Registrar at the discretion of the Academic Dean Transfer credit awarded is officially recorded on the student’s ICC transcript. Course work transferred into the program is not included when computing Grade Point Average (GPA).
7. Bachelor’s degrees must complete at least two full year of work (90 credit hours) at this College to be eligible for graduation.

Challenge Exams

Students who have been admitted to ICC in selected programs may take an exam to “challenge” a course in the curriculum, if an exam exists for the course, and thereby receive credit for the course. Typically, the challenge exam for a course will be an exam similar but different than the course’s final exam that is designed and administered by a faculty member teaching that course. The student must pass the challenge exam by the Grade Point Average of C (70%) and above in order to receive credit for the course. There are limits as to the amount of credit a student can earn through challenge exams. For undergraduates, no more than 25 percent, or 45 quarter credits, of the bachelor’s curriculum can be challenged. The course taken by a challenge exam can be counted as one of the courses normally taken in the school quarter. The transcript of any student successfully challenging a course will list the course, the exam grade as the final grade, and will carry a designation that the course was met through challenge. Any student wishing to challenge a course must apply in writing to the Academic Dean and list the course they would like to challenge, the preferred date, and the amount of credit they wish to receive if they successfully challenge the exam. A non-refundable $50 challenge exam fee must be paid at the time the challenge exam is taken.