How To
Provides helpful tips for a variety of subjects.

How to
A clean, clutter-free site dedicated only to study skill development, and
though it’s geared to college students, any student may benefit from the
concise and focused information provided. The site features twelve
chapters, ranging from time management, to creating a study plan,
note-taking, etc.

Academic Success Videos:
Dartmouth College provides an innovative and interactive way to learn new study
Academic Reading (11 min) —

Accessing Resources for Success (4 min) —

Exam Preparation 1 (14 min)–

Exam Preparation2 (14 min) —

Exam Preparation(Full-28 min)) —

Learning for Keeps (11 min)–

Note-taking 1 (9 min)–

Note-taking 2 (10 min)–

Note-taking (Full-19 mins) —

Stress Relief Exercise (16 min) —

University Success Secrets (5 min)–